Press realease: Inception of Ease Consulting

Your partner for economic and social development

Ease Consulting is a management consultancy and operational assistance firm with deep expertise in the strategic sectors of economic and social development. The company focuses its activities on investigating for its clients, growth and development opportunities in emerging African economies.

Ease Consulting service and expertise  offering covers four key business areas:
• Corporate strategy, management and performance enhancement,
• Educational and training strategies
• Organization of conferences and symposia,
• Digital strategy, consulting and transformation.

The company ambitions to contribute in putting the conditions of a significant improvement of the performances of the private and public companies, so that they fully participate in wealth creation for the largest number.

The whole team of EASE Consulting is at your disposal to share with you on the needs for development or for creation of new activities of your company, capacity building of your teams and on the strategies allowing to make the most of opportunities offered by the digital transformation.

May 30th, 2016


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Address : EASE Consulting 30, Rue Montrosier, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine France

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