Our services

EASE Consulting focuses its activities on investigating for its clients, growth, performance improvement and development opportunities in emerging economies.
Our consulting and expertise service offering covers four key business areas:

  • business strategy, management and performance enhancement,
  • educational and training strategy,
  • organization of conferences and other forms of meetings,
  • digital strategy and transformation.

EASE Consulting supports private companies and public organizations in designing and implementing coherent strategies, adapted to local realities.

Strategy and Digital Transformation

EASE Consulting cover the whole digital value chain and assist companies and public institutions in the management of their digital transformation and strategy, namely in:

  • Auditing and computer expertise, including the assistance in tendering completion,
  • Defining the digital strategy and the digital transformation,
  • Designing, developing and implementing digital systems,
  • Digital management, consulting and transformation of their business,
  • Data science (including Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence).

Conferences and Symposia

Nowadays, conferences, symposia and other meetings are favorite media that facilitate decision-making at national and international level. Often of high level, dealing with issues transcending boundaries, their success and effectiveness require good upstream preparation, both logistical an content wise.

EASE Consulting offers to accompany you in:

  • Developing content documents: issue and guidance notes,
  • Drafting within very short time speeches, reports, transcripts of conclusions, recommendations, resolutions or decisions,
  • Training the teams called to cover different aspects of meeting organization : preparation of documents, logistical coverage, communication, computers and Protocol,
  • Supporting the teams in situ for performing their tasks during conferences and righting after the meeting the performance review of the collaboration.

Education and Capacity Building

EASE Consulting interventions cover temporary or structural reforms that aim at improving the management of companies, administrations and public services, and ultimately people life.

EASE Consulting assists you in the following areas essential for inclusive development:

  • Education, vocational and technical training,
  • Youth,
  • Capacity building,
  • Sustainable development and social responsibility (CSR)
  • Peace, democracy and human rights,

Corporate Strategy and Performance Management

EASE Consulting assists its clients in the:

  • Design of prospective vision and business development strategy,
  • Development of strategic action plan with decisions aiming at improving economic performance,
  • Industrial or financial restructuring of businesses,
  • Identification, screening and assessment of internal or external growth opportunities or potential diversification options,
  • Implementation of above mentioned decisions through the setting up of business processes and key performance indicators or the support in searching and assessing potential strategic partners, technologies, acquisition targets or potential buyers

Specifically, EASE Consulting assists you in one or more of the many following areas, according to the concerns and wishes of your business:

Our Services

EASE Consulting focus their activities on investigating for clients, profitable growth and development opportunities in emerging economies.

Our consulting and expertise service offering covers four key business areas:

  • Corporate strategy, Management and performance enhancement,
  • Educational and training strategies
  • Organization of conferences and symposia,
  • Digital strategy and transformation.