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Inception of Ease Consulting

EASE Consulting is a management consultancy and operational assistance firm with deep expertise in the strategic sectors of economic and social development.

EASE Consulting provides support to international and African companies and institutions, in the design and concret implementation of coherent and tailored strategies that are adapted to the diverse realities of shifting economic and socio-cultural environments. The company ambitions to contribute to put up the conditions of a real and significant improvement of the performances of the companies, from both private and public sectors, as well as local authorities so that they fully participate in wealth creation for the largest number.


Our Services

Our consulting and expertise service offering covers four key business areas:

  • Corporate Strategy, Management and Performance Enhancement,
  • Educational and Training Strategies,
  • Organization of Conferences and Symposia,
  • Digital Strategy, Consulting and Transformation.

Your Needs

You can rely on the advice and operational support of EASE Consulting at different stages of your company's life, to:

  • Develop your business and manage its performances ,
  • Create new activities,
  • Restructure all or part of your business,
  • Strengthen the capacities of your industrial plants or teams,
  • Make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation


Service minded facilitators of your development we work at your side with commitment and reliability:

  • To assist you in investigating growth drivers in emerging countries,
  • To Remain at your disposal until the tangible implementation of your projects,
  • In accordance with our ethical values that we consider as key factors of any sustainable success.

About Us

EASE Consulting is a management consultancy and operational assistance firm with deep expertise in economic development and performance enhancement.

Our consulting and expertiseservice offering covers four key business areas:

  • Corporate strategy, management and performance enhancement,
  • Educational and training strategies,
  • Organization of conferences and symposia,
  • Digital strategy, consulting and transformation.